Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Fun and Back to the Grind

We had a super fun-filled summer with lots of trips.  Our first stop was to Boston.  My dad is from there and a lot of our family is still there.  We went and visited my Auntie Jan and Uncle Wayne.  A trip out East is not complete without a trip to Kimball's.  Kimball's used to be just a dairy that sold delicious ice cream.  When we went this year (I hadn't been there for about 9 years) it was a total destination.  Bumper boats, arcade games, mini-golf, petting zoo, etc., etc.  The boys loved it and I loved the ice cream.

Here we are at Kimball's mid ice-cream:

Another must do is the Swan Boats.  I didn't know if the boys would really be that into it but they were.  We saw swans, turtles, and baby ducks.

After a few days in the city we headed up to Maine to my Aunt and Uncle's lake house.  It was so fun.  We jet skied, and boated, and paddle boarded, and kayaked.  We also made s'mores and just had lots of fun on their beach.
Ready to roast those marshmellows:

Rob and Elliot relax on a boat ride:

We headed from the East coast back out West with trips to Colorado and Utah.  We had lots of fun in CO in the mountains and swimming and just hanging out.  And it Utah we did more boating and had lots of fun with cousins and fireworks.  It was fun...but...I have no pictures to prove it...sorry.
Once we got back to LA it was time to get serious.  Easton started Kindergarten this year!  They started early..August 14th!  We also had our awesome friends, the Roberts, staying with us so it was a fun week!
Here is Easton on the doorstep before we left to walk to school:

 And here he is in line with his class:

He is doing pretty well.  Not loving having to be somewhere everyday and not loving the homework but he is making friends and his teacher, Mrs. Jung, has told me that he is really polite and nice so I'll take it:)


Haymonds said...

You went to Boston but didn't find the time to come to Scranton to see your favorite cousin and his darling family? That's Ok.......I understand how important you are........:)(from Ben)

Nicole and Justin said...

sounds so fun! Our summer definitely had to o much moving and not as much vacationing as usual. I can't believe or boys are in kindergarten...